Why is minister Chilufya sitting on Covid -19 donations!

Why is minister Chilufya sitting on Covid -19 donations!

Why is minister of health Dr Chilufya sitting on the donations for Coronavirus? Why is he not allowing them ministry to distribute the hundreds of thousands of Masks that have been donated by local companies and that Chinese rich man whatever his name is ?

Maybe minister Chilufya is a paid agent and wants the situation to get worse so that he can continue giving updates everyday and therefore obtain political mileage out of this.

Why is he only giving us number of infected people and list of deaths without telling us how many people have received the donated masks and money?

Some of us can actually see how Dr Chilufya is using this epidemic to his own personal glory. Let him stop sitting on the donations but let the money and masks go intended beneficiaries.


Dr Chitalu Chilufya


Bowman Lusambo Thinks this is intercity. Failing to fix the economy. Busy bullying innocent poor people. Do you know how hard it is to find a k5? Do you know how they struggle just to find a meal for their families???
Do you any slightest idea of what they are going through???
Why don’t you give up your salary instead why don’t you provide them food with your salary. You think by bullying them they will listen?? And those stores I feel for them. Already struggling with low sales then you hahahahaha ala mwandi.
Let’s use logic mwebantu bakwa lesa..

Concerned citizen.

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