Why is one newspaper silent on gay debate?

I have been following the gay rights debate and am quiet flabbergasted with the way a certain Zambian ‘tabloid’ has been reporting this very sensitive issue.
First of all we were told that sum men tried to get married but were chased by Mr. Kapata. This hot story was not reported by this named Newspaper. The minister of home affairs Mr. Edgar Lungu said the p.f government will deal with homosexuals,again there was silence from this Newspaper.Gay rights activist Kasonkomona was arrested and spent days in police custody but we didn’t hear much from this Newspaper. They just published a picture of Kasonkomona when he was released from police custody. It is very shocking especially that this Newspaper is in the habit of publishing nude pictures and yet they ignored the gay rights saga. Could it be true that there is a gay man at this Newspaper as most people claim?

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