Why is PF arresting Lozis wearing bangles?

Why is PF arresting Lozis wearing bangles?

Musician Saboi Imboela with her ivory bangles

I wish to express my deepest disappointment to  ZAWA for arresting a Lozi friend  found wearing a bangle on his wrist and charging him with an offence of being in possession of government trophy.

Honestly is this the best way to segregate a tribe. Since independence our father Dr.Kenneth Kaunda did not arrest anyone for wearing the Ivory bangle.

How many Presidents have come and gone only to learn of PF arresting Lozis in Livingstone today. My own wife is leaving in fear and immediately she heard the 19  hours news on ZNBC she started removing the bangle on which I could identity her beauty on.

Surely Madam Masebo and your ZAWA, is this what you can do. If PF has failed to give the Barotseland ,let them not bring more problems to mother Zambia.

Lozis are peaceful people as well as other tribes.

Now you want to remove their identity today. Remember the days of PF are numbered. I am challenging Masebo to arrest Hon. Given Lubinda in Korea for wearing the rhino bangle. On a list of PF minister to resign this week ,kindly add Hon.Masebo for violating human right to tradition values of the people of Western Province.

Worried Zambian Citizen.

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