Why is PF retaining MPs found guilty of corruption?

By Kumesa
SENGA HILLS: Yambayamba who had lost an election by 5 votes on Palibe Fuel (PF) party ticket in Senga Hill in 2011 general polls had petitioned the winner MMD’s Kapembwa Simbo on account of various irregularities and electoral malpractices. Yambayamba’s petition was successful. But PF decided to adopt Simbao who had been found guilty by the supreme court. They left out and disappointed the petitioner, Yambayanba. On moral and humanitarian grounds, how would you feel?
So UPND has decided to adopt Yambayamba as its candidate in the forth coming Senga Hill parliamentary by-elections.
MASAITI: Stady Mwale who had petitioned the MMD Masaiti MP, Micheal Katambo for various electoral malpractices had been given a Perm sec job in Lusaka to pave way for MMD, Katambo. So the same man the Courts found guilty has been adopted by the Paya Farmer(PF). The job of perm sec is a serious and crucial role. Perm Secs need to be technocrats. They do most jobs for ministers. We all know that some ministers and politicians do not even know how to write, hence the need to have sharp perm secs. Honestly, can a cadre like Stady Mwale be appointed as perm sec? This is where we Zambians question the ability of EL to really work as ‘ndamakyalo’. If EL wants to deliver as presido and get a second chance for re-election, his squad need to be a formidable one, other wise, many youths thirsty for jobs and better economic performance, will go forward with the Palm.
The ABC, bena Fucky, bena Kawandami, bena Nyamasoya will make the boat sink on 2016, hence the need to jettison them while water is still in the ankles. RB became pompous and thought would the 2011 polls at all cost. Besides ka kolwe kumutundiila, RB wept when lost an election. His pomposity, corruption and greediness of those surrounding him cost him and MMD.
EL’s association with RB and his silence stance on corruption is making him slowly planting is footsteps into those of RB and his exit will not be different from that of RB.
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