Why is SG Kabimba silent on the violence?

Is it not strange that embattled Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has failed to speak out on the violence even when we know that he is a talkative chap? Even in cabinet and Central Committee meetings, he is one of the most talkative chaps. Remember when a PF cadre was murdered in Livingstone and Wynter jumped on that occasion to accuse UPND of having murdered the PF cadre, leading to detention of Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo and UPND President Hakainde Hichilema? Kabimba was all over accusing UPND of murdering Chanda in Livingstone and some of us inside PF felt embarrassed with his behaviour but seemingly he is untouchable. Why don’t we ask what has changed about Wynter that he is now gone quite or mute on this matter, like his boss? Looking at the two murders involving cadres, it does not need a rocket scientist know that Wynter’s silence is too loud and informed by a sense of guilty. Some of us have warned him of this during Central Committee meetings but he only listens to himself and President Sata.

I was part of the delegation that was at the Airport on the material day when President Michael Sata came for the laying of the stone for the new arrival wing at KK Airport. My colleagues and I witnessed the pro-Kabimba group loaded in buses and heading in the same direction like all of us. They were chatting songs in favour of Kabimba and screaming that they would teach Komaki and his friends a lesson. It is sad that desperation by Fred Mmembe’s Post Newspaper is peddling lies that Julius Komaki was attacked by youths from his own camp. This is very cheap lying. Anti-Wynter protests have gone on without any record of violence because it is a non-violent struggle to bring sanity to the party. The machetes and knives where bought for the Kabimba group under instructions from Mmembe and Wynter and executed by Chuumbwe and Kennedy Kamba, Chanda Mfula including George Chella acting as an extension of Fred Mmembe. It is no secret that Chumbwe, Kamba and Mfula have been desperate to take charge of the District office in Lusaka and the Youth Centre on Ash Road, Woodlands( which was serving as a brothel for Mfula and his friends). Apart from Mmembe’s lies, Kabimba has failed to issue any statement and yet he is the SG of the party and Minister of Justice. Not even Chella who responds arrogantly to the Opposition has issued a statement on behalf of his boss to condemn the violence and demand justice. The boy is equally guilty and for the first time, even Wynter’s image builders at the Post Newspaper are at loss.

From the airport, some of us proceeded to Levy Mwanawasa hospital and saw the victims of the violence. It was a bloody affair. Not even Wynter as SG came to the hospital on that day and I doubt he has been there up to this point. What is even more sad is that after the hacking and severely beating of anti-Wynter protesters, the pro-Kabimba thugs still followed Julius Komaki to UTH in an attempt to finish him off because he is the key witness in this matter. Quick intervention by anti-Wynter group who camped at UTH spared Komaki’s life from being finally chocked out. 5 citizen arrests were made and taken to Central Police. Komaki is now under police protection at UTH because his security cannot be guaranteed if he was to be discharged and he goes to his home. Yesterday, watchdog reported correctly that Chella is being frustrated with leaking information about State House and Sata by Kaizar Zulu. Added to that, the cartel believe that it was Zulu who the ensured there was security at the hospital for Komaki. This is another reason why Post Newspaper and Chella is so frustrated with Zulu. This is the truth the Post Newspaper does not want Zambians to know.

PF insiders know that on Sunday, 10th November 2013, embattled Lusaka Province Chairperson Chuumbwe attempted to bribe the father to one of the murdered cadres so that the family could collect the body and bury him even before postmortem. The old man was offered K2, 000.00 and in his desperation, he proceeded to the hospital to try and collect the body but the security and hospital authorities refused them saying it was a police case and any murder case needs postmortem to show cause of death otherwise evidence against the accused would be very weak. This was an attempt to “kill” evidence after murdering the anti-Wynter Kabimba cadre. Thanks to alert hospital authorities, the postmortem was conducted yesterday morning and deceased buried. These criminals are so desperate to set themselves free but there is too much evidence pointing to them.

It is true that some of us in PF have been disturbed by demonstrations in CBD from the time of endorsements and anti-Wynter protests, but the demonstrating youths never hacked or assaulted anyone. This was not known to the Wynter camp until Robert Chikwelete jumped ship and disclosed that the other camp has no weapons, not even catapults. It was easy for the Wynter camp to work on this apparent weakness. Thugs were hired from Katondo street, paid money and given machetes. These cadres did not know what was awaiting them from the other camp, went unarmed and fell into hands of armed thugs. The good news is that these have started confessing inside the cells. The police is under pressure to tamper with evidence because of what is at stake and they need support of all well-meaning Zambians.


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