Why is Stanbic stealing money from civil servants?

Dear Editor,
Allow me to express my anger at Stanbic Bank which has been illegally deducting money from my salary and the salaries of other civil
servants like teachers.
Stanbic Bank has made it a habit to connive with some workers at government’s mechanised salaries to impose loans on unsuspecting civil
servants  and when the affected workers go to the bank to complain, they are simply persuaded to formalise the loans since a mistake had
already occurred.

I have personally refused to be swayed by the bank to normalise such a crookedly introduced loan.This is the second time
Stanbic Bank is doing this to me and many other civil servants.
This has really inconvinienced me especially that am pursuing further studies and sponsoring myself.
Iam thus appealing to the relevant authorities to investigate this bank and clean up the mess.
Yours faithfully,
Mude Mule

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