Why is the Israel govt belittling our dear president

By Sikota Sakwiba


I am offended that the Israel Government is belittling our President in the manner that they are doing.

President Sata was invited to visit Israel by his brother President Shimon Peres who naturally must be our President’s host.

Normal protocol is that when you have invited a person of the stature of His Excellency Michael Sata to visit your country there are certain courtesies that must be observed.

Our President has gone to Israel on the invitation of that country’s President Shimon Peres. The two Presidents are not longtime close acquaintances who perhaps can call each other casually for a “private working holiday.

The Israeli’s in spite of this did not see it fit to have the host meet his guest and In fact President Shimon Peres has decided to leave Isreal instead. Why have they shown such breaches of protocol in the manner they are treating President Sata’s visit.

Imagine being invited by a friend to a dinner or cocktail party but, when you get to that friends house, you find he is not there and you come to learn that your host has stood you up because he has been invited by someone in another town and country to attend a party there!

It appears this is what has befallen our President; his host President Shimon Peres has abandoned him to go on a State visit to America. This is very tacky on the part of the Isrealis.

It is not as if our President just suddenly turned up at the doorstep without warning like some of our relatives do from the village; our President went to Isreal on the specific

invitation of his Isreali counterpart.

I do not know why there has been this disconnect or lack of synchronization of President Sata’s visit to Isreal. It appears that whilst President Sata is going to his absentee host, here to President Sata has decided to also be an absentee host to some very important visitors we invited from Japan.

PRINCE AKISHINO, the second son of Japanese Emperor Akishino who is second in line to the Japanese throne, and his wife Princess Kiko are due to start a 5 days goodwill visit to Zambia on June 28,2014.

This is according to a statement issued by Third Secretary for Public Relations and Culture at the Embassy of Japan in Zambia, Mr. Yuta Sekiyama who said,
“The Zambian government invited the Prince and Princess to be part of the commemoration of this historic occasion and celebration of this memorable year,”

During the tour, the royal couple will call on President Sata, former President Kenneth Kaunda, tour Livingstone and Kabwata Cultural.

However we are told that President Sata will be away for at least a month since that is the Period Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba will act as President.

I just hope that President Sata’s Absentee Host President Shimon Peres does not find that when gets to America that President Barack Obama (not to be confused with Boko Horam) has not also disappeared and decided to make Absentee Hosting the new diplomatic vogue.


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