Why is the police not arresting Banda Junior?

Last week Lusaka lawyer Colonel Paul Banda allegedly shot dead his wife of 35 years. This is a very sad incident that touched all Zambians.

But there is something puzzling about the way the police is handling this matter. After Colonel Banda allegedly shot dead his wife, their son descended on the father and beat him to a point where he was left unconscious. Colonel Banda is still in hospital, handcuffed to his hospital bed in the usual inhuman and cruel Zambia police way.

Paul Banda has actually confessed trying to murder his father and says he is willing to go to jail. That is rambling of course maybe due to the unfortunate situation.

Now, we understand this is a very traumatising period for the Banda family. But we do not expect the police to be emotional cry babies and take sides. The police are professionals. Both Colonel Banda and his son committed offences. Paul Junior has no right to attack his father in the way he did. No individual has the right to punish another individual for a criminal offence. Not even the police have powers to punish. Punishment of offenders is an exclusive job of the courts. Paul was supposed to detain his father and then call the police not to attempt to kill him. That is a criminal offence and Paul Junior should be arrested. What if Paul’s sister picked a knife or used the same gun to shoot Paul for trying to kill her father?

As things stand, the country does not really know what happened in that bedroom.

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