Why is there no development in Nakonde?

Why is there no development in Nakonde?

Nakonde border town


Development is one of the greatest challenge ever faced by people of Nakonde. Development has been and is the song which has been sang for long time and at the same time it is the greatest tool  ever used by politicians to campaign and de-campaign one another.
Development in Nakonde is an issue which has been talked about over years but yet still the place is under developed as Shang’ombo.
Nakonde district one of the busy borders in Zambia and it is said to be one border which contributes 85% of the Zambian revenues.
Despite the fact that it make a lot of money,But,the avenues are as dust as grave yard and the main road so called great north road is in critical state, the road is full of what we can call  pot holes or dish holes because the can no longer be called pot hot due to their size, but yet the government does seem not to care about this.
Roads are not the only challenges Nakonde people are facing but also water sanitation,electricity and colleges.
The population of Nakonde is growing at a fast rate , hence there is a very big demand in all areas.
Electricity is yet another challenge in Nakonde which has remained unanswered for a long time,We hear that Zambia exports electricity,Why exporting electricity when us Zambian are still suffering. We are not saying that we shouldn’t help our neighbouring countries,but we should make sure our people are not suffering.  Water is as well one challenge which been failed to be worked on talked has been made but we still drink dirty water and sometimes we don’t received water may be for two weeks but still the Chambeshi people demand money for water   which have not used.
Education is in Nakonde is also one thing we lacking,When I say education I mean colleges. There are a lot of school leavers loafing because of  not having colleges in Nakonde they don,t have access to education,hence they end joining Chimutengo or clearing and forwarding industry.The government therefore has to consider us, because we are insulted by people from Urban  areas because of not having access to education.


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