Why is ZAF commander being taught UNZA degree from his office not class?

Dear Editor
At the University of Zambia when a students is registered it means that student should abide by Senate regulations which state that that student should attend class at UNZA and participate in all activities as stipulated in the university regulations.

What is happening now is that student Eric Chimese, computer number 28056558 registered in the following courses PA 311, PA 321, PA 341 PL 331 AND SS 241 is being taught outside the University of Zambia .

He pays extra money to these poor lecturers who teach the same courses twice meaning they teach their normal classes and then they are picked to go and teach the   Air Commander.

We have had prominent persons as students at UNZA name them Mike Mulogoti as a Cabinet Minister was attending Class Senior Chief Inshindi , the late Mapushi name them. This is totally wrong and it gives undue advantage to this student who is being taught in the luxury of his office. Zambians what do you think?

Concerned Zambian

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