Why is ZANACO staff slow in doing things?

Dear Editor,
Kindly allow me to comment  ZANACO.
I am employed in the private sector. We use 2 banks namely BBZ and ZANACO. For the past few years I have been involved in banking in all the 2 banks. I have uncountable questions with ZANACO. However I have also used other banks for different puporses at one time or another.
1.       Why is ZANACO staff slow in doing things? If you went to BBZ and found 10 people on the line you are assured withing 5-10 minutes you will be served. If the same happened in ZANACO be sure to stand on line for not less than an hour or even more than that. What really is the problem with ZANACO? Are these accountants working in this bank not products of the same insitiutions where staff from other banks are coming from? Sometimes you cannot tell the difference between a new employee and one with experience unless you know their faces.
2.       One day I went to another branch which someone told me it was faster. I withdrew money from this branch about 2 times and later was told I cannot withdraw since our branch was somewhere else. This means unlike other banks with, ZANACO you can only withdraw from your branch—very irritating at this age with advanced technology. They the one who paid me made a mistake.
3.       Everyday you go to ZANACO you expect to spend very long time on line and if you are unfortunate you reach the counter only to be told the system is down “go and fill in a deposit slip”. One day a client collapsed while on the line and all what the staff did was to carry her inside the staff room. I don’t know what happened later.
4.       Some workers like moving up and down. Hardly 5 minutes passes without them leaving their tables/workstation and go to consult or do whatever it is they do behind. You could be mistaken that some are doing modelling in the bank in front of clients.
One big question: is ZANACO management not aware how crowded their bank branches get almost everyday? Or maybe to them it means they have more clients than other banks? I know for sure they may not fear losing clients since the govt banks with them but its better to satisfy all customers. May be the management should also visit other banks and see how fast they are in serving their clients and pick some ideas. What difference did RABO bank bring into ZANACO??I go to this bank continously because that’s where my Organisation banks and if I had power I could have closed by now and go somewhere else. As for my personnal account I vowed I will never open an account with ZANACO. ZANACO WHY CANT YOU BE EFFECTIVE LIKE OTHER BANKS???


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