Why Kaunda remembered Chiluba to forget Wezi

Why Kaunda remembered Chiluba to forget Wezi

…and why whatever is said in memory and name of FTJ is for the glory of sayers than FJT who has been dead for eight years but suddenly remembered

By Kasebamashila Kaseba

FJT died, in 2011, eight years ago at his Kabulonga home.

Major Wezi Kaunda, KK’s son and heir, in the company of wife and children, in 1999, about 20 years ago, was brutally shot and murdered at his Kabulonga home gate.

KK blamed FJT.

Well, while Major Kaunda’s ‘Zero Option’ lawyer Richard Ngenda in 1994, Baldwin Nkumbula in 1995, Ronald Penza in 1998 and Paul Tembo in 2001 died similar brutal deaths, it was Major Kaunda’s death that had the greatest impact on KK’s life and politics.

Col. Panji Kaunda, in 2001, survived a drive-by gunshot attack.

KK himself, in 1997, with other opposition leaders, survived an assassination or got grazed in Kabwe in a shootout.

KK had anointed and ousted Kebby Musokotwane as UNIP president, to cut short his retirement, after it was suspected Musokotwane had gotten close to FJT.

Musokotwane died shortly after that.

KK, Dean Mung’omba and Princess Nakatindi Wina were, in 1997, brutally arrested for misprision of treason arising from Capt Solo’s coup attempt that had a trial within trial for reasons of torture or inhuman treatment.

The court judged that the state had known soldiers and politicians did not act together but attempted to connect them.

FJT later wanted KK to retire from politics yet annulled the UNIP retirement law before he enacted another one only when himself was due for retirement.

KK’s release from prison and final retirement from politics, in 1998, even without a retirement package or house was hastened by the brutal killing of Major Kaunda and negotiations by statemen Nyerere and Mandela.

KK did not just survive a trumped up arrest and trial, assassination attempts but also deportation attempt, declared stateless, 1996 election boycott, corruption investigation and house search.

Such was the life of KK and FJT, in public and slow motion.

In short, the KK honouring the FJT is not the same KK and the FJT that KK honoured is not the same FJT.

While tradition bids us not to speak ill of the dead, it does not bid us to lie of the dead either. As lying, is part of the corruption, a tag, that FJT failed remove.

While FJT and KK, lived under LPM, it was proposed that the two or three needed reconciliation. KK declined.

Well, it is ironic to see KK reconciled with dead FJT by sacrificing his legacy.

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