Why Kaizer Zulu is above the law

Why Kaizer Zulu is above the law

A lot of people are wondering why Special Assistant to President Edgar KunguScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 20.32.30 on Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu is above the law.

The reason is very simple. Kaizer helped President Edgar Lungu to be President through corrupt money.

Kaizer Zulu, Emmanuel Chilubanama the State House Permanent Secretary  and Charles Sipanje the Ministry of Works and Supply Permanent Secretary are the people who mobilised financial resources for Edgar Lungu’s campaigns when then Acting President Guy Scot refused to use government resources to finance Lungu’s campaigns.

Late President Levy Mwanawasa once said Zambians easily forget and indeed it is true. Michael Sata retired Kaizer in national interest because the Office of the President had advised Sata that Kaizer and others had stolen US8 million through the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) programe called Zamtis.

Kaizer bought some trucks and banked some of the money in Dubai. When Sata died and Lungu wanted to be President, Kaizer pumped in some of the RTSA Zamtis money in Lungu’s campaigns.

Before Lungu was introduced to Rupiah Banda by Willie Nsanda to solicit for another corrupt money, Kaizer and the two others sustained Lungu’s campaigns.

Chilubanama was responsible for collecting money from contractors on the Copperbelt while Sipanje also arganised cash from Chinese contractors and government motor vehicles for Lungu’s campaigns.

President Edgar Lungu knows all this. Edgar Lungu we bet can never touch Kaizer because even now Kaizer is one of the biggest fundraiser for Edgar Lungu through a Chinese company Avic International that has done the Kafue Lusaka road, Lusaka Township roads and now the company has been given a contract to build Police and Immigration houses around the country.

In all this, President Lungu gets commission from these Chinese through Kaizer Zulu, Chilubanama and Sipanje.

The three have opened offshore accounts and President Lungu is aware of this.

Just recently Kaizer insulted President Lungu at Hippo Louge in Kafue National Park and left for Dubai.

Lungu had to send Amos Chanda his special assistant for Press to go and plead for Kaizer.

For your own information, even when Kaizer was arrested at Woodlands Police Station, Edgar Lungu was communicating with Kaizer.

Kaizer did not even sleep in Cells. For those who say Kaizer this and that forget.

This is the most corrupt government ever. If you thought the MMD was corrupt then think twice.

Today the DPP has instructed that all the charges against Kaizer be dropped. We pity Charity Katanga the Police Commissioner for Lusaka.

Kaizer calls the shots and she is definately on her way out but who can pity Katanga?

Do you remember how she bundled to cells innocent opposition leaders during the Livingstone byelections and charged them with murder?

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