why Lungu is the most useless President since independence’

Dear editor,
1 Since his inauguration as Zambia’s sixth president, Edgar Lungu has increased the country’s poverty levels from 60% on 30th January 2015 to about 85% on 30th October 2015. Many Zambians have become poorer since Edgar Lungu became the President.

2. Since Edgar Lungu became the president, the kwacha has depreciated from K7 per dollar when he took office in January 2015 to K15 per dollar on 30th October 2015. One this one, Edgar Lungu has broken a record as most dull and useless president that Zambia has ever had since independence. The kwacha is now the world’s worst currency. Food prices have almost tripled because of his visionless leadership. It is a pity.

3. Since he became president in January this year, about 5000 miners have lost their jobs on the Copperbelt. Instead of creating employment, Edgar Lungu’s poor and visionless leadership has caused miners to lose jobs. He has broken the record as the first head of State whose lack of vision and pathetic leadership has caused miners to lose jobs. People that used to get over K5000 as the monthly salaries are now receiving K900 under President Edgar Lungu, what a President!

4. Amidst economic woes being suffered by the country due to his poor leadership, Edgar Lungu opted to spend $400000 to charter a plane and pay huge delegation he took to the United Nation in USA. Again, Edgar Lungu has become the first president after independence to have chartered a plane at a whooping cost despite many challenges facing people that voted for him in the office.

5. After realizing that his political popularity is diminishing due to his poor and visionless leadership, Edgar Lungu called for prayer and fasting inorder for forgiveness and reconciliation to take place. But just after a week of the so called prayer and fasting, President Lungu was on the Copperbelt insulting and threatening teachers, miners, political opponents and ordinary members calling them foolish. Again, he has broken a record of being the first president to have terribly embarrassed the so called bishops, revelands and pastors including intercessors who attended his day of prayer and fasting by being the second Zambian to have broken what was being prayed against on that day at the show grounds. The day of prayer and fasting, has clearly backfired at President Lungu as it is clear for everyone that it was done for political mileage

6. Since he became President, Edgar Lungu’s international visits in 10 months have outnumbered those taken the late Micheal Sata in 3 years. And worst still, 90% of Edgar Lungu’s international visits are unproductive and have just helped to worsen the economic situation in the country as a single journey takes more that $2500 from the country’s treasure. Again he has become the first president to have wasted tax payers’s money on useless journeys since independence. He has even overtaken Rupiah Banda who also tried to do the same during his tenure as president.
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