Why Lungu used prisoners to prepare his inauguration stage

Forged President Edgar Lungu decided to use prisoners to prepare the stage for his fake inauguration at the Heroes stadium because of mistrust on the part if soldiers.


A senior Intelligence officer has disclosed that ordinarily the preparation of the dais is done by the military people because President is commander in chief.

“How do you let prisoners to work on the inauguration stage for the commander in chief? There is all the necessary manpower in the defence forces but he chose prisoners because he doesn’t trust his own soldiers,” said our source.

Further, the source said that Lungu is very upset and worried that even with the use of prisoners, dangerous articles like explosives gained access to the stadium and has promised to deal with security after his forged inauguration.

And Lungu may have to have a hurried ceremony just to ensure that nothing nasty happens. The program may look long but it will be cut short as a primary security measure.

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