Why Lungu’s ‘election’ is illegal, null and void


By Kakololo Chisenga

Many a people in Zambia especially those of the ruling party have often said the opposition should have presented their evidence in the petition hearing. In fact a number of them said these people have no evidence in court nothing concrete and just wasting Zambia’s time. Well I will endeavour to present the much talked about evidence:
1. Access to public media by opposition was clearly inhibited. PF had a very clear Lion’s share. In fact there were programs that were sponsored by opposition only for them to be told they won’t be aired.
2. Freedom to campaign as opposition members without fear of being victimized: A number of opposition members could not freely move in their party regalia without being beaten by PF especially in the so called strongholds like Kulima tower bus station in Lusaka.
3. Violence towards opposition members: A number of videos were captured where PF members were seen to be beating opposition members. A case in point when a UPND campaign bus was lynched and members were forced to abandon the bus and run for their lives. Infact violence escalated to a point where the electoral commission of Zambia suspended campaigning in Lusaka for a time.
4. Denial of police permits: Campaign rally permits were difficult to obtain by the opposition and in some cases cancelled at a moments notice because the president or minister would be in the same area. These tactics were seen as acts to frustrate the opposition.
5. Denial or delay of flight permits: For a period the flight permits for helicopters belonging to the opposition were denied citing reasons that the president will be in the see area and sometimes with no valid reason while the presidential choppers continued campaigning with ease.
6. Use of ministerial vehicles and privileges when parliament had been disbanded. A move that gave undue advantage to ruling party.
7. Use of derogatory language towards opponents and inhumane description. Kambwili referred to GBM as a pig during presidential campaigns. And constantly spoke tribal politics which had potential to cause a genocide.
8. Missing Gen12 in some polling stations: The official documents for recording results where all agents signed were missing in some bringing disputes in how the count was reached.
9. An individual who does not work for ECZ was found in server room with full access. He was allegedly tempering with results. He was caught arrested and taken to police station but somehow he disappeared and was not seen. It was said he was a foreigner.
It has been seen that indeed elections are a process and not an event. If the process disadvantaged opponents, those elections cannot be said to be free and fair and therefore warrant nullification.