Why Malawian judge Chikopo will not go away

Details on why the cartel holding President Sata hostage have insisted on having Judge Chikopa in the country have emerged.

Senior government officials have disclosed that the reasons behind the continued stay of judge Chikopa is to stop the Supreme Court from hearing the Zambian Airways, Development Bank of Zambia appeal because as long as the tribunal process is on, the Supreme Court can not hear the appeal. The sources say Fred Mmembe and Director of Public of Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Ncito will make sure that the tribunal process keeps dragging no matter how long it takes.

“As long as the tribunal process is on the supreme court can not rule on the appeal. so this means the tribunal is acting like a stay. In short technically there is a stay of execution on the Judge Nigel Mutuna judgement” the source said.

The source said just as the supreme court can not hear the appeal as long as the tribunal process in on, the Development Bank of Zambia can also not collect the debt from Zambian Airways.

“So the cartel apart from refusing to pay the K14 Billion plus, it is also making government lose money by paying judge Chikopa close to K50,000 every month so that the supreme court does not hear the appeal, aren’t you surprised that there are so many cases taken to the supreme court after the DBZ case but they have been disposed off but the DBZ case is still pending? the court asked.

The sources say High Court judge Nigel Mutuna crafted his judgement so well such that it will very difficult for the Supreme court to quash the High Court judgement even with a Patriotic Front Cadre Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda at its helm. The source say Mutuna found Mutembo and Mmembe criminally liable because they went to borrow money from DBZ when  they knew that Zambian Airways was going under.

“Judge Mutuna in his findings proved that the directors of Zambian Airways went to borrow money when they knew the airline was failing, that is criminal. It will be very difficult for Supreme Court to overturn that, so the best is to have a stay of execution through the formation of the tribunal” the source said.

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