Why Masebo should not be re-elected as Chongwe MP

Why  Masebo should not be re-elected as Chongwe MP

By Waziona Nkhwekwe
I was shocked and shaken, when I read in the Post Newspaper that Mr. Japhen Mwakalombe had been appointed ambassador to Mozambique. I was shocked because Mr. Japhen Mwakalombe is one of the most spineless, unprincipled and opportunistic politician I have ever seen. He is a poster child for what a politician should not be.
At the rate we are moving, For his Government President Michel Chilufya Sata, will pick, for the most part, men and women who can give the nation neither service, stature, nor confidence. Individuals who are largely incompetent personal friends, unqualified associates, unscrupulous businessmen, or shady politicians!

By his action of resigning as Chongwe Central Member of Parliament, Japhen has participated in the most notorious wastage of billions of our tax payer’s money on yet another unnecessary By – Election.

These billions would have gone a long way in improving the lives of the people of Chongwe, by using the funds to procure the badly needed linen and drugs in our hospital and clinics.
Japhen’s appointment as ambassador to Mozambique confirms my worst fears that he resigned as a result of Ms Silva Masebo’s political Machiavellian engineering in collusion with the PF Government. This amounts to naked corruption and abuse of power.
If this conduct is left unchecked, Zambia’s Democracy may soon perish from the face of the earth.
It is tragic that we as a poor Country should be forced to spend billions of Kwacha, just to satisfy Ms Masebo’s unquenchable greed and thirst for power and privilege. Her brands of politics are indeed expensive!
Time has come for the people of Chongwe to put an end to Ms Silvia Masebo’s expensive, toxic and dangerous political adventure.
Time has come for us as a country to say no to the wasting our money for purposes of massaging one person’s bruised political ego.
The people of Chongwe have a chance to finally retire Ms Masebo’s on Election Day. It is clear that Ms Masebo’s political shelf life has expired.

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