Why M’membe wants opposition to form alliance fast

Why M’membe wants opposition to form alliance fast

Information has since emerged that while some members of the opposition political parties actually mean well in forging an opposition alliance ahead of 2016 elections, Fred Mumembe and his cartel have suddenly jumped on the bandwagon but with a totally different mission.

Sources have disclosed that the cartel of Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito, and their presidential hopeful Wynter Kabimba have seen an opportunity that may easily knock-out powerful presidential candidates by labeling them as selfish.

The Post newspaper has been widely and seemingly positively covering the possibility of an opposition alliance, but with a totally different motive.

While the Post newspaper have been positively covering the possibility of an opposition alliance, they have also been very categorical in preparing people’s minds that the former ruling party MMD will never bounce back to power because of their alleged corrupt activities.

But of late, a number of MMD seats have been nullified thereby depleting their numbers in parliament.

The seats currently awaiting elections are Katuba and Mkushi North in Central province, Petauke, Kasenengwa, Malambo, and Vubwi all in Eastern province, Mulobezi in Western province, and Solwezi Central and Zambezi West in North-Western province.

Other than Mulobezi and Zambezi West which belonged to UPND that the opposition party is likely to return without any problems, all the other seats belonged to MMD.

But according to intelligence reports obtained by Fred Mmembe and his cartel members, Katuba, Mkushi North, Malambo, Solwezi Central and Vubwi consitutuencies will be serious hunting and battle grounds for the UPND, a party which is currently giving them headache.

The fear is therefore that should UPND win these seats or perform better than expected ahead of the MMD, it will give them strong bargaining powers for the alliance presidency which Mmembe does not want.

The strategy is therefore that an alliance should quickly be forged so that the UPND can give-up some of these seats in the name of opposition alliance so that the MMD can still retain some parliamentary majority ahead of the UPND.

When time comes to negotiate for the alliance presidency, Fred and his cartel wants to mount a serious propaganda that will portray the UPND as a selfish party that has no claim to the alliance presidency because they are smaller than MMD going by numbers in parliament.

But remember this is the same Mmembe who would have portrayed the MMD as a party that will never bounce back to power because of corruption and other vices.

So MMD will be portrayed as a corrupt party that can never bounce back on one hand, but on the other hand, Mmembe will try to push that they nevertheless deserve the alliance presidency because they are bigger than UPND going by numbers in parliament.

At that stage, there will be a serious opposition political parties stalemate, bickering, and name calling as to who should be the alliance president leading to a complete break-up which will easily benefit the PF, Fred Mmembe’s political party.

As things stand now, PF are in total disarray with no clear successor to the ailing dictator Michael Sata who may not even reach 2016 or may not stand at all.

Mmembe’s preferred successor, Wynter Kabimba, is the most hated person both inside and out the PF circles and the fact that he comes from the seemingly same ethnic grouping with opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema even worsens Kabimba’s stand in PF and the muscle to beat Mr. Hichilema.

Mr. Sata himself, even if he reaches 2016 and attempts to contest, will not be in the same frame as he was in the opposition due to ailing healthy. It is unlikely he will mount a vigorous nationwide hectic campaign other than brutality while he continues hiding behind facebook campaigns.

And he will have absolutely nothing new to cheat the Zambian people, but his advantage will be based on a divided opposition which Mmembe might manage to achieve as explained above plus the constitution which will never be passed.

With the current constitution which has no provision for 50+1 percent votes, it is very ease for the ruling party to go through even with a very small margin amidst divided opposition.

The onus now is for the opposition parties to foresee these huge challenges ahead of them so that if they are serious with an alliance, certain things should never be left till the last minutes as it will be difficult to mend them.

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