Why Monze ZCTU committee was disolved

Dear Editor,

I write to respond to the action taken by ZCTU National Secretariat where they have decided to dissolve the district Committee on grounds that they have been non-functional. The secretariat just did this in order to get rid of the Chairman, Mr. Foster Matakala and the Secretary, Mr. Rays Mwansa because they have been the voice of the voiceless in the district. This was necessitated by the newly appointed Regional Coordinator, a Mrs. Olga Mwanza from Choma.

Apparently, the major reasons of removing the two officials from from the District Committee are:
1. During the 2012 Labour Day Celebration, they influenced other committee members and sent away the representative ZCTU had sent to the district because he came with 12 T-shirts and K200,000 as a contribution towards the celebration. The District Committee challenged the representative that there was no logic for the Union to bring 12 T-shirts and K200,000 when the members contribute more than K40 million per month to various affiliates of ZCTU. It was also not logical to share 12 T-shirts among more than 500 members in the district.
2. The second reason is that the two have been speaking on behalf of the district committee to have ZCTU President, Hikaumba and ZCTU Secretary, Roy Mwaba [removed]. These two leaders have not done enough for the workers and the district officials felt that if these two are removed, maybe things could work out because Hikaumba and Roy Mwaba have overstayed on those positions.

On the other hand, the Regional Coordinator, Mrs Mwanza, had put in place an Interim Committee for a period of 90days and that within 90 days, elections will be held in the district. She also held a closed door meeting with the interim committee and ordered them not to associate with Mr. Matakala and Mr. Mwansa.

Fellow workers, the Union has been turned into a political arena and it is no longer representing the general members.

Just during the 2011/2012 negotiations for better conditions of service, Retention Allowance was removed for Degree holders. This will mean that workers will not be motivated to go to school beacuse they will still be getting almost the same with the Diploma holder.

Former ZCTU District Secretary – MONZE

Rays Mwansa

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