Why Mwanajiti lost first wife


Disgraced former AFRONET executive director Ngande Mwanajiti was divorced by his first South African wife (name withheld) for adultery, among other things, court papers seen by ZWD show.

Mwanajiti who has a 16 year old son with the South African woman was divorced because of the chain of small young girls that he was dating during his hey days at Afronet.

“Pricilla Jere is not the first wife he has had. He was married to a South African woman and the woman decided to divorce him because he had a chain of girlfriends.
“Thus guy claimed to have been a human rights activist but truth be told he was probably the worst human rights abuser who was sleeping arround with many young girls. At the time of their divorce the former wife even accused him of bedwetting,” our insider has disclosed.

Mwanajiti who had resisted to leave Afronet until he was forced out stole alot of donor money.

And despite depending on his current wife financially, Mwanajiti has continued cheating on Priscila Jere with a mistress in Libala South, among others.

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