Why Nawakwi doesn’t want HH to win

Information has emerged on why the Forum For Democracy and Development (FDD) and Edith Nawakwi in particular does not want Hakainde Hichileme the UPND President and his running mate to win this year’s elections. Nawakwi may sound clever in her thinking but she is not. Sources say Nawakwi has told close confidants that in the event of the re-run Between PF and UPND, she will support the Patriotic Front. Her reasoning is that if she supported the PF, Edgar Chakolwa Lungu who will have no credible person to take over from him so she would bé the ideal candidate. She says if she supported UPND, HH will definately rule for ten years and by that time she would bé quite old to vie for Republican Presidency. However what Nawakwi does not know is that Edgar Chakolwa Lungu has also told close confidants that in the event he won the election which is unlikely, he would qualify to recontest in 2021 because the new constitution allows him to do so as he has served less than three years of late Micheal Sata’s term. So to Nawakwi, Chakolwa Lungu is planning for a third term. Nawakwi knows the third term issue very well because it is what brought forth the FDD.

In fact, if there will be a re-run, running mates will not change but backers like Nawakwi will have to negotiate for ministerial positions. Inonge Wina will still be Vice President and maybe  Nawakwi the minister of Carlington maize veterans.

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