Why not pay retirees?

Why not pay retirees?



29 May 2021

The Patriotic Front (PF) Government has bemoaned high debt levels among government workers and is proposing a debt relief mechanism where it wants to take over debts of civil servants.

Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali Monday on Friday the 28 of May 2021 told civil servants that recommendations are being made to come up with a mechanism that will provide them some debt reliefs.

Mr. Chimbwali said thorough consultations will be done before arriving at the actual implementation of the mechanism that will provide relief to thousands of civil servants.

The Permanent Secretary also noted that government was fully aware that staff debts and financial problems had been a source of frustration among workers in the civil service,hence the need for a lasting solution.

The program started last year December and now it’s reaching it’s conclusion and it believed that government will clear every debt for all the affected civil servants

The move has brought timely relief as many workers in civil service are engulfed in huge debts hence struggling to live expectable standards as civil Servants.

This shows that the Patriotic front government under the able leadership of President Lungu has everyone at heart and does not want to leave anyone behind.

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  • comment-avatar
    Double o seven 2 weeks ago

    When pensioners are not paid? What is wrong with this inept government? It seems they truly have no direction at all essentially lost at sea. Don’t put dull caders in positions that require learned people this is all that the PF have been successful at.

  • comment-avatar
    Kasonde waka 2 weeks ago

    WHY NOW.




  • comment-avatar
    Muwerewere Musemakweri 2 weeks ago

    These workers found themselves in such a situation because there was no mechanism to monitor their activities due to corruption of middle level management. How were they recommending workers to borrow from institution yet all the information is based on payslip.

  • comment-avatar
    Fonti 2 weeks ago

    I thought some people were boasting that under PF, teachers have 3 cars each & cops can easily afford 4 cars..? So what’s this about suffocating debt Levels among civil servants ?

    • comment-avatar
      Peter 2 weeks ago

      Good move

      My humble request is on Napsa if the years can be reduced, 50 or 55 years is too high, most people nowadays don’t reach that far, it could be good if it can be reduced to 40 or 45 years

  • comment-avatar
    Ndine 2 weeks ago

    This is laughable. We wait and see how it his will work out. I pray that the civil servants will need t be dupped into believing this and vote for PF on the that basis. Pensioners are still waiting to be paid, others have died without getting their my money; doctors are crying for their money. The only people living in improved living standards are PF cadres’ and politicians; and PF inclined clergy