Why PF violence and tribalism is now backfiring



Greetings Zambians,
My Brothers and sisters (Bembas) who are busy calling me a FOOL and/or Tonga hiding in a Bemba name for supporting Visionary HH! Let me tell you one thing:
If it means supporting someone who is able to fix our economy is being foolish or Tonga, then let me be one.
My brothers and Sisters, you are even busy in-boxing me that being Bemba, I should not support HH because people of Southern Province attacked PF (Former Father Frank Bwalya to be specific) Haaa! That cheap propaganda against Southerners can NEVER make me or any well-meaningful Zambian hate my fellow Zambians.
Who doesn’t know that PF are busy faking attacks whenever they go to Southern, Western, Northwestern or any Province perceived as UPND Stronghold just to make us hate the people who originate from those province?
We all know that PF have 25 Evil plans against HH which were published by the Zambian Watchdog and these fake attacks, fake defections of Opposition members to PF and many more propaganda you are seeing on ZNBC are there in the 25 evil plans which were published last year.
Most of you people who hate Zambian Watchdog for their truth, even called them all sorts of names when they released those 25 Evil plans BUT you see now, they have started manifesting and instead of you believing the Zambian Watchdog and opening your eyes or Swallowing your pride, you are there believing their (PF’s) propaganda through state controlled media like Daily Mail, ZNBC.
I have lived with Tongas here in Lusaka and they are good people. Let us NOT allow PF to divide us for their selfish gains.
PF are the ones attacking themselves (playing like kids) whenever they go to Southern Province so that we Bembas and our cousins from Eastern Province can hate our innocent friends from Southern Province.
My brothers and sisters, have you taken some spare time to ask yourself and analyse why the PF, Police and Government as a whole have not arrested even a single person of those they claim attacked them (PF with All the State Power on their side)?
Have you asked yourselves why they have not brought out any evidence like video clips or even mere photos of those Attakers?
Are we kids or maybe so dull that we can not use your brain to see that PF are liars and Propagandists who just want to use divisive tactics to remain in power despite not being able to govern?
Open your eyes my Dearest Brothers and Sisters. Our country economically is in Intensive Care Unit under Edgar Lungu and I know everyone who is sane knows I’m not lying. PF just want to divide us with their Tribal talk and false accusations against HH just for them to remain in power.
I have come to learn that NONE of the 73 Tribes is Tribal but PF’s Chishimba Kambwili, Edgar Lungu, Mumbi Phiri, Davis Chama, Former Father Frank Bwalya, Chilufya Tayali, Easther Lungu, etc are the ones who are Tribal because they are the ones who always talk and accuse others about it. N/B: When you look at these names, I am sorry to say Zambians have now known who Tribal People are!!!! (Please do not misquote me) I mean Tribal Individuals NOT Tribe. Let those people stop this stupid tribalism because some other tribes have started accusing us (Bembas and Easterners) that we were falsely accusing Tongas when it is us who are tribalists.
Ahead of 2008 and 2011, you used to say “Please do not vote for HH because he is still young… Let him grow a bit”. We obliged and voted for Bashikulu Ba Sata. Now HH has grown and is ready to take our country to greater heights…. Why generating the Tribal Tag? Selfishness will kill us. Let HH rule us now.
Calling me a FOOLISH Bemba or a Tonga hiding in Bemba name will not put food on our table. Remember the part Tongas played in making our country attain Independence! Maybe you don’t know, Zambia had no money to sponsor KK and other officials’ trip to UK to discuss and sign Documents for our independence BUT those people you have started hating and accusing falsely, donated OVER 40,000 cattle for the the delegation to to to UK.
Have you ever heard them talking about it??? Wisdom comes from God my brothers and sisters NOT from our tribes. Anyone from the 73 tribes can be our president.
I am sorry to disappoint you my brother and sisters who want me to support PF regardless of Edgar Lungu’s failure…. I can not be a Tribalist today just because a Tonga is about to become President…. I was not born a Tribalist. I’m voting for HH because he is my fellow Zambian and has shown that he is capable of turning things around. Why should I vote for my Uncle or Mbuya Edgar Lungu just to prevent HH from being president when he is the one fit for the presidency??? That is Tribalism and Selfishness and at the same time unfair to ourselves because it is not HH who is suffering BUT you and I due to poor leadership of Edgar Lungu. Be Civilized my brothers and sisters.
In case you want to hear more from me, I live in Lusaka and I am an insider in PF.
Those who are not yet my friends (Facebook) just send me you friend request and I will accept.
You will know me when time comes… As I have told you, I am a PF insider in Lusaka.

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