Why PF will lose 2016


They (PF) are ready to argue even when it is obvious that what they are doing is actually totally not correct, an example to this is when the renegade father broke his vows with his pay master (Sata) and openly castigated them (PF) and only to hear a call coming from one fatty Kambwili with impunity and total arrogance and insulting language in his mother language which he believed was being understood by everyone. He has totally forgotten that he too last year just like his pay master promised the youths of facilitating the ZNS high school leavers employment and skills training scheme. I believe he has actually seen that it is a flop and he has resorted to arrogance and insulting. He has totally abandoned Luanshya and resorted to taking his ministerial position as number one duty. Go to Mpatamatu you will see for yourself.


Two (2) heads are better than one. They would rather have money in their campaign account than to subsidies for the poor who worked tirelessly to see to it that government was changed from the then MMD (Mwadya Mweka Daddy). A subsidy is good for the books but yes it is a loss on government coffers, remember when removed it will mean the poor in society will actually have to carry that burden by paying the difference. This in all makes them (PF) very unpopular as this brings about the trickle-down effect on all the essential commodities i.e. Increases which can be faked by the suppliers and in effect brings in the centre stage high cost of living. This was as a result of lacking consultative talks and skills. It seems they are stunned that there are actually increases on several other commodities as they only thought it will only affect fuel which they thought they could control by controlling the price alas it was not so because in the free market economy the forces of demand and supply determine the prices. This is a typical lack of understanding of issues.



They took the management of RDA to state house which is a very big sign of too much power and bedroom board meetings and that if you are not part of the president then you will not get the contract. I would actually guess that whoever has a project with RDA then he or she is very well vested with the president. Isn’t that a misplaced priority? Instead of giving the contractors through rightful tender procedures and proper contractors instead they end up awarding contracts to the people they know .Nepotistic tendencies misplace the ability of a government to perform transparently.

They (PF) borrowed money in form of a bond popularly known as the Euro Bond. What has been the use of that money?  Infrastructure development, revamping of ZESCO capacity to produce more megawatts of power and rehabilitation of UTH etc. You see these are good reasons for getting a loan but the devastating effects fall in place;

  1. This money has to be paid back with an interest of 5% per year for ten years. Are we going to manage to pay back this amount promptly as per the demand of the owners? We are risking going into a debt trap. Mind you this money there is nothing like, you know we have a funeral ‘ba bululu besu balifwa’…or let’s do the HIPC arrangement. NOTHING LIKE THAT.
  2. If you borrow money and you use it on making a road how are you going to recoup the moneys to pay back the loan? Maybe if you made toll gates and for how long do you need that to have back the money as you will have to do maintenance of the roads that in itself is a priority which is misplaced.
  3. In your coffers there is money intended to fix infrastructure and now you induce a by-election by promising a deputy ministerial post to an opposition MP so that he can defect to PF and now your money that you budgeted to sponsor all the cadres and government machinery has be exhausted, you end up diverting the money to the by-election so that you win it.PF has diverted some of the Euro Bond money to By-Elections. If they (PF) adhered to their earlier thinking and promise of putting up a scheme to collect funds by several other taxing methods e.g. Windfall tax then their coffers would be rich to sustain their expensive behaviours (by-election).


They (PF) have made sure that they deliver any by-election by employing a 5000+ strong man youths wing (MAYUSI) which they can shuffle around whenever they induce a by-election as there is a loophole in the ECZ. This loophole in the ECZ allows the voters to vote from a constituency so long they can provide proof of having shifted to the new constituency and they are allowed to vote. E.g. when the by-election in Mufumbwe took place the MMD in actual sense won the election but because of the new registered voters from Show grounds that were ferried to the polling stations to overturn the result. This also happened in Livingstone, but that failed to happen in kapiri mposhi but they (PF) capitalised on the UPNDs lack of logistics to ferry their monitors across the river that made it easy to change results if the e.g. at a polling station UPND-50 and PF- 20, then they (ECZ and PF) Changed it by putting a 1 in front of the 20, hence PF winning. BUT this will be difficult to impose in 2016 this will be country wide.

Written By: Eng. Sydney C. M

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