Why PS Chiwala was fired

Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Supply Bernard Chiwala Bernard Chiwala first differed with President Michael Sata when he was Chief Executive Officer of the Road Development Agency (RDA).

During the 2011 campaigns, Sata promised the administrators of Fatima Girls School in Ndola a tarred road from Ndola’s Indeni Fuel Terminal to Fatima Girls School.

When Sata won elections, some Catholic Nuns from Fatima traveled to Lusaka and went to State House to remind Sata of the promise.

Sata then personally phoned Chiwala but he was not in the office so the Secretary gave Sata Chiwala’s Mobile number.

Sata instructed Chiwala to tar the said road but Chiwala advised that a tender document should be prepared before a tender was floated.

Sata refused to follow tender procedures and then instructed Charles Mushota Wynter Kabimba’s brother in marriage now RDA chief executive but that time in-charge of procurement to give a contract to Gomes Haulage owned by Sata’s personal friend to tar the road.

Sata is a corrupt person who has to benefit in some way in whatever happens.

That’s how Gomes Haulage started working on the road and shared the profit with Sata. There was no tender.

That same time Sata decided to transfer RDA to State House so that he could be personally choosing contractors and demand ‘cuts’. Sata transferred and appointed Chiwala as PS for ministry of works and replaced him with Charles Mushota. Mushota is a corrupt person and was fired by former president Rupiah Banda when donors complained about his corruption.

At the ministry, one of Chiwala’s tasks was to clear Certificates of Completion that contractors present to RDA before RDA forwards them to National Roads Funds Agency (NRFA) for payments.

Chiwala now came face to face with Sata’s son Mulenga who is literally involved in all roads construction through Zulu Burrow a company he previously worked for but now owns part of it.

Chiwala was adamant to authorise NRFA to pay contractors linked to Mulenga that had not finished projects. Chiwala also crossed paths with RDA board chairperson Willie Nsanda.

Chiwala was not happy that Nsanda despite having no construction company was getting contracts and later on selling them to foreigners. That is what caused Chiwala to be fired.

We are still verifying why the other PS Charity Kaande Ngoma despite being Sata’s ex-girlfriend was also fired.

Word though is that she may be on her way back to the Drug Enforcement Commission were she came from.

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