Why Richard Sakala fears a corruption free government

Why Richard Sakala fears a corruption free government

SakalaFrom the onset we would like to state that we are reluctant to talk about our fellow Journalists but if things get to the worst, we have no option. We have been forced to expose one Richard Sakala the joint proprietor of the Daily Nation Newspapers because so many people have asked us to do so.

Why is Sakala always against people who seem to be against corruption? Why is Sakala scared of a potential UPND government?

For those who do not know, Sakala is an ex-convict who served two years at Chimbokaila State Prison in Lusaka. In other countries, Sakala would not even be allowed to own a newspaper or even open a bank account or be left alone with children due to his criminal record.

Sakala was convicted for corrupt activities involving the purchase of a building at Longacres that houses Club Phyliss or Shooters for those who like clubbing. Others go to that place for a Car Wash. That Place used to be called Dany’s Restaurant. Sakala then as Special Assistant to the President For Press under President Chiluba corruptly acquired that place using illicit money. President Chiluba appointed Sakala as Chairperson of the Presidential Housing Initiative (PHI).

He was responsible for government policy to sell government houses to sitting tenants. We repeat ” sitting tenants”. Sakala was also responsible for construction of new houses.
What Sakala did was to receive bribes from non sitting tenants and sold them houses. He also dubiously gave a tender for construction of PHI houses in Lusaka to a friend called Jonathan Sinyinza who then owned a company called SINETECH that was later called Zcon. Sakala used these monies to purchase that building at Longacres. When President Levy Mwanawasa came into power, he formed the Task Force on Corruption where Mutembo Nchito worked as Chief Prosecutor. Sakala was taken to court and he was convicted and jailed for two years. The State however forgot one thing. The Prosecution forgot to apply to court that the property bé handed over to government because it was from proceeds of crime. This is what is making Sakala uncomfortable because he thinks a no nonsense government will come and grab the building. This is just one of the buildings.

Next we shall publish how Sakala bought acquired a government house in Mwilima Road Woodlands where his second wife lives. We shall also publish how he acquired the building the Daily Nation operates from along Mukwa Road in Lusaka. We shall also publish how and who acquired that printing machine for him.

For today that is all.

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