Why should a 321km road cost $1.2billion?

Why should a 321km road cost $1.2billion?

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The Lusaka -Ndola Dual carriage way road was initially estimated to cost $500m.

It’s now been announced that the road will costĀ $1.2billionšŸ˜³making it the most expensive road project in the region.

Ndola- Kitwe dual carriage way road sign

President Edgar Lungu commissioned the project a few days ago.

To build the 321km, it means that the loan contracted will be $3.8million per kilometer.

The average for road cost in the region is $320,000.00 per kilometer.

Zambia already spends a ridiculous $1m per kilometer.

On this road, the project will gobble $3.8million per kilometer!

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