Why should G9 and 12 exams disrupt other pupils lessons?

I live in Sesheke. In this place whenever the grades 9 and 12 pupils write their final exams, there is no learning for the classes that are not writing external exams.
Right now the non- exam classes at Sesheke High School have been forced to go back home until the Grade 12 exams are over. Is this in order? Does this not affect the future of these children?
Some years back I completed Grade 12 at the same high school but this kind of thing never happened. The District Education authorities are well aware of this practice, but do not do anything about it. The same thing is happening at Sesheke Basic School. All the other grades are not learning just because the Grade 9 children are writing their exams. Is this the new order of things? Please inquire for us.
Sitali Libakeni
Concerned parent, Sesheke.

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