Why should I legalise homosex, asks Sata

Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata has asked what benefit it would be for him to legalize homosexuality if elected President in this year’s elections.

Speaking when he appeared on QFM this morning Mr Sata says Zambia being a Christian nation homosexuality is unheard of.

Mr Sata says the marriage act does not allow people of the same sex to get married.

He says his position on homosexuality has been twisted by the MMD stating that what he said in an interview with the Danish journalists was that there are laws in Zambia which restricts Zambians from engaging in homosexual acts.

Mr Sata says people want to tarnish his image by scandalizing him that he wants to legalize homosexuality when he comes into power.

And Mr Sata has challenged the United Party for National Development (UPND)to write to his party and point out their differences over the collapsed PF/UPND pact.

He says as far as he is concerned the PF/UPND pact is still in existence because the UPND has not written to his party informing them about the pullout from the pact.

And speaking on THE SAME programme United States based Bishop Edward Chomba has maintained that it is not necessary for Zambia to continue being a Christian nation.

Bishop Chomba adds that there is need to allow for debate on whether Zambia should continue being a Christian nation or not.

He has also denied allegations by second republican president Fredrick Chiluba’s spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba that he is married to five women and that he was excommunicated.

But Mr Mwamba who called in during the programme maintained that Bishop Chomba is married to five wives and that he is wanted in the United States for bigamy.

He also maintained that Bishop Chomba was excommunicated.

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