Why should Lusambo assault citizens?

Why should Lusambo assault citizens?

Who is Bowman Lusambo to just think he is above the law and can just take the law into his own hands and whip citizens? We are all scared of Covid 19 and it is imperative that people adhere to the health regulations so that we defeat the scourge. But to take the law into your own hands and whip citizens which is an abrogation of human rights is not tolerable and we shall meet Bowman Lusambo in the courts of law.

I had an altercation at Kapiri Mposhi/Serenje turnoff in 2019 with Bowman Lusambo. The power-hungry Junior Minister was busy threatening people and pushing motorists off the road for him to pass. I reminded him that he was a junior minister who had no privileges of a “sweeper” and the monster came for my throat threatening to “deal” with me. I stood my ground and I smelt blood in his eyes and I reminded him that not all Zambians are scared of him.

Bowman Lusambo should be clobbered by all people who will be whipped by him. Bowman Lusambo must respect the law because his day will come when we shall whip him like he whips powerless Zambians.

Please Your Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu tame this trigger happy junior minister. He even disrespects the Minister of Home Affairs who is his superior when told that he can’t whip people. We shall sue Bowman in his own capacity and all those officers who follow him blindly. Enough is enough.

Joseph Chirwa Esq
Advocate of the High Court for Zambia/ Lecturer of Law/ Executive Director at the Centre for Law, Human Rights and Policy Research

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