Why should PF hide loans?

I’ve been contemplating and trying to understand what the PF president Edgar Lungu meant when he said his PF government will continue to borrow as long as the money is to be invested in national developmental projects and I think now I understand what message the diabetic PF president Edgar Lungu was passing to the Zambian people and the message is clear that the PF president will borrow secretly in the name of developmental projects to pocket some of the money borrowed using poor Zambians as the Loan guarantors.
As much as I appreciate national security to be one of the priorities on a nation’s welfare I find it strange for a government to borrow money secretly for such a project. Assuming this secret loan was not exposed how was this PF government going to account for this money which poor Zambians are going to pay for? Aside from that why should government borrow secretly and what is the use of a national budget? Was this $192 million loan to improve security wings in the country budgeted for?

In my last article I mentioned that this sudden change of budget due to sudden change of mining royalty taxes was going to be taken advantage of by some government officials managing national funds and this has come true,this is what we’re seeing now where government is borrowing secretly.

Where is the transparency? where is the accountability that this PF government made up of sick diabetic leaders and obese ministers who use their intestines to think instead of their heads. I don’t understand why a government can contract and reveal a smaller loan of $14 million for improvement of water and sanitation in western province and hide the bigger $192 million to improve security wings in the country. Now that this has come out public the obese government spokesperson has the guts to order the arrest of the people who have revealed this secret agenda. In short we can also say aside from the huge over $5 billion that the PF government has borrowed there is still another hidden loan which you and I Zambians don’t know about and yet we are the ones that are going to pay this huge debt burden, it could even be over $10 billion we don’t know because this PF government is running secret businesses and using us poor Zambians as the guarantors of all the loans contracted.

Is this PF government a trustworthy government? Does this PF government deserve your trust and mine? Is such a government worthy of being in power? This PF is behaving like a cheating wife who has one husband known by the children as the father and five other husbands who are the biological fathers to all the children she has. Surely does such a wife deserve love?

The PF government is a stupid government made up of stupid leaders and ministers who make stupid decisions that make the Zambians poorer every day. I challenge this obese government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili to use his heard whenever he makes stupid statements and orders and the Diabetic PF president Edgar Lungu to be serious with the way he is managing the affairs of this country because Zambia is not his personal business where he makes silly decisions as if managing an ant hill.

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