Why should we have no power just because of Lungu’s visit?

Editor please post for me and hide Id

iam writing to you from Hillcrest Extension here in ndola. the president is today expected to launch his lies in the Levy Mwanawansa staduim and we are been punished. Since yesterday 16:00 we have had no power till today. when I called Zesco customer on 322 I was told power will be restored after the event ends in the staduim. editor what nonsense is this?? eh sonta epowamba iyi? what kind of engineers work for zesco or maybe its true they are all cardres. why must we residents suffer nonstop loadshedding all because the president is coming to do nothing but just say sonta epowamba.Please tell him to start packing. 11 August back to chawama u drunkard.
annoyed fed up resident

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