Why the heavy security presence at State House, ZNBC last night?

There was an unprecedented heavy Zambia Army presence last night at State House and state owned but PF controlled Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), according to eye-witness.

It is so far not clear what led to the heavy Zambia Army military security personal presence at State House and ZNBC from around 20:00 hours till 06:00 hours this morning with most roads such as Brentword Wood drive being completely closed as it was surrounded by the Zambia Army.

Eye-witnesses said only a few vehicles for some senior ministers were being allowed to enter the roads leading to State House.

Sources said it could be that ailing dictator. president Michael Sata is now scared of his own people following the tension he has created in the country due to bad governance.

“It is possible this man now wants to concoct something along the lines of the zero option and start arresting opponents and innocent citizens on possible trumped-up charges of treason. Otherwise the heavy military presence at these key institutions was something that has never been experienced in a long time.” sources said.

In the recent past, the PF government sponsored state agents have so far broken into law firms defending opposition leaders with the first being that of UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe located in a highly secure Millenium Village and that of Sunday Nkonde who represented the late Frederick Chiluba and others.

State agents have also carried out pre-dawn raids in some houses for some journalists and in all instances, both lawyers and journalists, they have only been interested in documents and computers.

Mr. Sata has basically been an absent president, only seen in public once in a while during swearing-in ceremonies, and when looking for votes during his party’s self-induced by-elections.

He has now developed the habit of using State House back-doors when sneaking out of the country for trips that are not told to the public.

Members of his political party eyeing his seat have recently increased their presence campaigning on the ground throughout the country using state resources, with others blindly endorsing his candidature for 2016, even when elections are still far away.

Even then, there is no need to even endorse him because the constitution allows him to stand for another term if he wishes so under any political party, even on UPND, MMD or even his close friend Cosmo Mumba’s party ticket, in case he loses to Wynter Kabimba and or Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) in his own party.

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