Why the PF wants to stay in power

Why the PF wants to stay in power

Laura Miti wrote…

We know the last 10 years have been beyond wonderful for those in the presidential and ruling party inner circle.

So, yes, we understand why the PF would want to stay in power.

Truth, though, is we citizens have had it rough.

So we have to ask, does the PF understand that, in asking for our vote, they are essentially saying we want to keep having the good life, so, please, accept 5 more years of:

1. Prices that have more than tripled.

2. Ministers who have become miraculously rich before your very eyes.

3. Violent , lawless cadres who have taken over control of the country.

4. Jobs and opportunities that only go to the connected.

5. Elections that are violent

6. Citizens who cannot freely gather or express themselves.

7. Closure of Zambia’s most popular TV station.

8. Unexplained Gassing and fires

9. Police killings

10. Random arrests

11. Extreme hunger in homes

12. Runaway debt that leaves no money for services.

13. Critical shortage of medicines in hospitals.

14. Desperate levels of unemployment.

15. Lusambo, Kampyongo, Kanganja in high office.

16. Millions that go to connected musicians and churches while students are denied meal allowances and so drop out of school.

17. Grandiose vanity projects.

18. 42for42, Honey Bee, Social cash transfer, 48 houses, Covid funds…….

Simple question to PF is why do you think we would we want more of this??

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