Why UPND should go ahead with Kabwata rally

By Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa

With ever increasing impunity the Zambia Police force, under the leadership of what is shaping up to be the worst Inspector General in our Nation’s history, has routinely and arrogantly denied the
opposition their constitutional rights to assembly and association as enshrined Article 21 of  our Zambian Constitution.

Without shame they have abused the discredited, ancient and colonial public order act to virtually turn our country into a dictatorship barely 20 years after we kicked out the tyrannical Kaunda regime.
President Chiluba must be turning in his grave!

Our constitutional rights to assembly, where not given to us by the PF regime as a Christmas present! Our freedom fighters fought and ultimately gave the greatest sacrifice of all life itself. They did so in a firm belief that their ultimate sacrifice will guarantee, that their children and their children’s, children, will live in dignity and freedom.

It is clear that the beast of tyranny oppression that we defeated over 20 years ago is back and getting stronger each day that passes, carefully nursed back to health and cheered on by Dr Kenneth Kaunda!.

We are once again fighting for our freedom not from colonial oppression or persecution, but from the annihilation of our freedoms, by our own brothers and sisters in this notoriously repressive regime.

Because of their own incompetence and deceit, they want to put the entire nation in chains, in a futile attempt to hide their failures to govern.

They want to turn us into slaves in our own country. We will not let them!

I for one will rather die a thousand deaths than prostrate myself to this intolerant, despotic, arrogant, corrupt and discredited regime.

A regime that promised the people of Zambia elephants and only delivered a malnourished mouse!

The Zambia Police force has no power to issue permits for citizens to hold rallies or any processions to advance their causes.

All that is needed is the notification of the police seven days before the event is to take place.

The UPND as notified the Police a total of 11 times and the Police have illegally and arrogantly denied them their constitutional rights to assembly and association. This cannot continue. this must be stopped.

Time has come to reclaim our Police force from the clutches of this intolerant and repressive regime.

As for IG Libongani she will do well to remember that she has less than thirty thousand Police officers in Zambia a country with a
population of about 14 million citizens. Common sense should tell her that her Police are too few to stand in our way to reclaim our freedoms! As a Citizen of this country and as a Mother, I urge her to
save her true masters the Zambian people, by allowing the people to enjoying their Constitutional rights.

Twice the Supreme Court of Zambia has ruled about the supremacy of the constitution over the public order act. In their landmark rulings of The Mulundika case (1996) and the resident Doctors vs the Attorney General case (2003).

The Supreme Court declared that the Police have no power to deny or grant the right to free assembly and association, their only role and obligation is to provide security for the citizens who have notified them of the intention to hold a rally or procession.

We only have one homeland, Zambia and it is my greatest wish that the events of 1986, should not repeat themselves in this country!

The UPND have notified the Police in accordance with the law and they should go ahead with their rally in Kabwata whether Edger Lungu and his cohorts likes it or not!

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