Why we need impartial, expedient probe into local terrorism

Why we need impartial, expedient probe into local terrorism


By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

For close to Two (2) months now, the people of Zambia have come under attack by unknown forces, reigning terror, fear and death on innocent citizens.

Throughout this unprecedented period of nationawide torment and anguish, the public have been deprived of the much needed political leadership needed to hold the nation together, and ensure that Law Enforcement Agencies are fully equipped and prepared to restore the balance of peace and order in our country.

Instead, the incumbent government, led by President Edgar Lungu has championed a crusade of innuendo, accusations, blame and divisiveness against the opposition fraternity; and visibly engaging in a toxic warfare of dangerous propaganda aimed at arousing public hatred and anger towards a fanthom enemy in the opposition.

Our government and Law Enforcement Agencies have failed to decode basic information around the possible identity of the perpetrators, their weapons of war, as well as failing to provide reason as to the possible motivations of the assailants.

Further, the Zambian people have not been availed with information concerning the assessed security risk associated with the incidences of organized terror and criminality we are experiencing.

This information vacuum has been exploited, and will continue to the exploited by criminals, thereby increasing the risk around the unnecessary loss of life by our people.

Against this background, it is crucial, that while a thorough, robust and impartial investigation is needed into this matter; it is vitally important that we do not jeopardize the course of justice by ensuring that the police tasked to execute this mandate have the requisite skills and tools at their disposal to unravel the truth behind these crimes of war against our country.

And while our state police have and continues to enjoy the constitutional mandate to conduct criminal investigations, it is important that we make every help available to them to ensure that a credible investigation is delivered.

Countrymen and women must remember, that Two (2) high ranking police officers and one high ranking member of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) have been questioned on allegations of involvement into gassing incidences, coupled by the failure by the police to bring back law and order nearly two months after the first incident was reported.

Additionally, we have lost lives from the use of live ammunition by the police over the course of this turbulent period.

We are also worried about the poisonous, overreaching arm of political interference into the operations of the place, especially when and where high ranking government officials have publicly indicated that they know the identity of those terrorising the country.

Therefore, it is only necessary that the police receive the right kind of technical support from competent investigative agencies. After all, we all want justice for our country; and thus we should all agree that we need the highest standard of an investigation into this matter to ensure that a repeat never occurs.

It will also be a monumental opportunity for our state police to tap into the skills of their highly trained and experienced colleagues, be it from the Scotland Yard or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

After all, Zambia continues to enjoy such productive relationships with the United Kingdom and United States of America, and this could be another opportunity for us to collaborate and strengthen our friendship and partnerships.

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