Why you should not vote for Sampa

By Andrew Bwembya

Why I can’t vote for Sampa Miles as Lusaka mayor .

A must share !!

Good evening Ba Lusaka,and my party PF.

As a concerned citizen I want to voice out on one particular candidate in the name of Sampa Miles .

To stat with I want to make it clear that I don’t hate my brother , I only hate what he knows best . don’t worry will mention it .

Those of u that follow the political happenings can agree with me that Mr Sampa in 2016 only moved from more than 3 political parties in search for green pasture and not what he stands for if there is any. Sorry !!

My brother moved from being a presidential contender in our might PF after losing to Mr Lungu and formed his own party in order to continue is presidential ambitions, before we the people of Zambia know it , moves and forms an alliance with Chipimos NALEP . Orange alliance he again became president due to his selfishness and by the way , this is why his wife left him.

The man always want to be at the center don’t care about others or his followers of which I believe he has none unless those like him with broken homes . if u fail to run your own small home , what makes u think you can run a city ???? And not just a cit but a capital city full of challenges ?????

Mr Sampa can do anything for himself as long as he makes money. He doesn’t care how that money comes.

And this is why he left the orange alliance to join the UPND thinking that Mr Hichilema will teach him business and pay him well at the expense of loyal members of his party. Sorry this was cut short as GBM and HH are not like us in PF where u can go and come back only to be given a position as mayor @ the expense of loyal members.

We know that Shakafuswa Chris and Chilando where played . knocked off from the race by the useless constitutional court . we all know this don’t pretend becoz u are a coward .well am not one . will tell mungeni in the face .

Sampa after realising that soon or latter might enter the street in order to gave bread , he came back like an object fulling from the sky to kiss president Lungus shoes and asking for forgiveness.

Now from the above Ba Lusaka u know who u can vote for.. Reduce the nonsense of voting for a party even if they put stupid and morally bankrupt candidates . workup before you vote in who will now bring more harm than good.

Napwisha . Sampa if u are a man enough face me on a TV debate as vow to finish your political career. We suffered for this party when left us. Now u enjoy more ????

Tomorrow 10 hrs will be at the party Secretariat with my youths . in Lusaka central takuli icobe would rather vote for Kangwa Chileshe a man with principles.

Remember a good name is better than money !!

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