Why Zambia needs the Tahrir Square under PF

By C. N

Where is the Tahrir Square (Arabic: liberation Square) in Lusaka to demand constitutional protection from the very elected PF officials and security personnel who are supposed to protect the very people they have sworn to rule and defend? The Zambian constitution guarantees the right to assemble and right to free speech, after all isn’t that the reason why our freedom fighters fought against colonial rule? In a true Patriotic Front (PF) multi party democracy, opposition parties have the right to challenge elected officials on policy and to attempt to pressure these officials to take action. After all Sata ran on the opposition platform.

How can you Sata (as a former colonial freedom fighter) want to continue to rule Zambia when you can’t even guarantee the freedom of innocent Zambians crying for justice, are detained, tortured, imprisoned and even killed by the police who are supposed to protect them? The truth is Sata has lost the mandate to govern the very people who elected him in office.  

 I don’t believe that the opposition leaders speaking to Sata through the media will bring constitutional change in Zambia, after all, Sata and his maniac recycled MMD’s will continue to loot the country’s resources and continue to abuse innocent Zambians. The only change Zambia needs is finding the Tahrir Square and bringing old Goliath and his Impies down. The army and police officers) who have collaborated with politics of violence should be locked up at Mukobeko Maximum for the lives of innocent Zambians who have died for nothing. Contrary to what the Vuvuzelas of PF have been preaching against, civil disobedience is what brought the MUBARAK regime down. Hosni thought the people were going to be tired, but he miscalculated the people’s desire for change.

Who is supposed to demand respect for the defenseless innocent Zambians? Fellow country men and women if you don’t demand change don’t expect anything substantial to happen in Zambia. As Nelson Mandela demonstrated, freedom is acquired by conquest, not a gift. It must be pursued constantly and responsibly. The question is, ‘is Zambia ready for Tahrir Square?’ If not Zambia may ignore the right to be free at own risk!


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