Why Zambian politics and witchcraft share same definition

By Sidique Geloo
When Nevers MUmba touched down at KK airport after being recalled from Canada, he was held by authorities, questioned then later released. Why? Because in Zambian politics, if you work for the opposition, you are automatically labeled a second class citizen and as punishment you are treated by government with suspicio…n the way the United States looks at anyone affiliated with the Al- qaeda terrorist group. HH, President of UPND, has been held or arrested several times for reasons that centre on paranoia, suspicion and fear, owing to the fact that UPND is a fearlessly strong opposition Party.
Now that former Defence Minister Geoffrey B. Mwamba has resigned, the principalities of fear, suspicion and insecurity that reign over Zambian politics are at it again, targeting his interaction with radio stations and now trying to hijack his financial flow in order to cripple his future political endeavors. It is unfair, however, to blame all this on the PF government, because these insidious cycles that hold captive of PF leaders have been practiced by preceding governments of Chiluba, Rupiah Banda and even KK.
WITCHCRAFT: How does traditional witchcraft (the kind that seeks to invoke spirits on a human being) come about and why do so many people attempt to practice it? In my personal study of witchcraft, and its causes, I have concluded that one word precipitates it. FEAR. The reason why, HYPOTHETICALLY, Mulenga would want to harm Hambote is because he FEARS that the other might harm him first, or that Hambote might become more succesful at what they are both do and would be too powerful to contain, subsequently destroying Mulenga. So Mulenga will devise means and ways to ”protect” himself from a suspected , and mostly unreal, threat from Hambote. Hambote, consequently, will realise Mulenga’s fears and interpret that as Mulenga conniving to hurt or destroy him. So Hambote will, as well, devise plans to ‘protect’ himself by attempting to destroy Mulenga before he destroys him first. And there you have it, WITCHCRAFT being invented, which draws its heritage in the roots of envy, jealousy, suspicion and hatred -the off shoots of FEAR.
The recent turn of events describe , in its most perfect form, the correlation between witchcraft and Zambian politics. Merely two weeks before, President Michael (fill in the middle names) Sata was wining and dining with his defence Minister. Today , less than 10 days later, he wants to cripple GBM’s company(ies), deter him from having his voice heard by the masses through radio, and all of a sudden GBM is a villain, a stench in the President’s nostrils, a threat to the throne and the most feared man in the country.
As witchcraft seeks to do, the powers that be will try to STOP HIM, SILENCE HIM AND FINALLY OBLITERATE HIM FROM THE REIGNS OF POLITICS in Zambia. The best way to stop a man is to hit his pockets first, and then discredit everything he says, and if that fails, final option will be to find something to incriminate him over.   President Sata is not a coward, but is quickly falling into its realms. He is beginning to show how fearful and afraid he is of GBM just as he is of HH, Nevers Mumba and other politicians that dare to speak the truth.
One final evil that witchcraft seeks to do is, as pointed out earlier, to permanently silence potential threats. I had said in my other update, that there is a great deal of relevance taken away from someone that loses his voice or decides to stay quiet when the powers that be speaks against him. There is nothing cool about Given Lubinda staying quiet, there is nothing so ”silence is golden” about Felix Mutati’s current hiatus. Politics is very progressive. If an already well known politician that always speaks on issue decides to bow out when those issues are still hot, it doesnt speak well of him or her, especially when the well being of the country is at stake.
The state of politics in Zambia are less than desirable, people are being persecuted, stake holders are being victimised, the youths are being drawn to fight against each other, this is no time to bow out. We need to DESTROY THIS WITCHCRAFT SPIRIT in Zambia. We need sanity in politics, we need justice in the Nation. Justice that upholds its laws, NOT A JUSTICE THAT ALLOWS men that hold the President hostage like FRED MMEMBE to get away with the Billions of kwacha that he owes the Zambian public.
I encourage men like GBM – a man that has chosen not to disrespect the Bemba Royal establishment just because the President has a personal issue with them, an issue that has nothing to do with the entire country- to continue standing his ground. He has our support. We will stand fearless until the President gets back on what he was elected to do, develop this Country. Until then, we will aim at DESTROYING this dictatorial witchcraft spirit that always takes the nation many years back

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