Wife catches husband marrying another woman


Wife catches husband in the processing of marrying another woman, disrupts wedding. Says husband slept in their matrimonial home ‘last’ night.

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    yaks 1 week ago

    2020 Drama of the year! it deserves an Oscar.

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    Chanda 1 week ago

    It can only happen in Lungu country officially decreed Christian country. Before these Christians arrived we married as many times as we agreed on. Now we have to do things in hiding. Because its a nation of pretenders. Check that guy who married Tasila please.

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    if not 2 weeks ago

    @ Wanselu well articulated.

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    Blago 2 weeks ago

    This man..!! What an idiot.

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    Neo-Patriot 2 weeks ago

    The man must be a PF cadre! PFools are running mad by the day and have lost all decorum!

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    THE SAINT 2 weeks ago

    The church is at fault. By law it should have published the barnes of marriage and then, the priest should ask ‘if there is anything to prevent the people from marrying.’ Lawlessness and shortcuts in Zambia have gone too far!

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    Wanzelu 2 weeks ago

    Very sad and deceitful indeed. Was this a movie shooting or what? Because What I know is that such a situation, if it was real, could have been avoided. This is because in the Catholic Church there are Marriage Bans for at least 3 or more sundays where at the end of every Sunday Mass a priest announces in front of the congregation that (For eg.,) “Martin Mulenga who resides at (Address), Son of George Mulenga and Vuniwe Mulenga of (Address) would like to marry Sepiso Mwiinga, who resides at(Adress), daughter of Hanzala and Eunice Mwinga of(Address). If there is anyone who knows why these two cannot have there marriage blessed in Church please inform the Parish Priest in truth and in confidence.” And throughout the announcements the couple is made to stand if front of the Church so everyone can see them. How come nobody said anything during the several weeks that the marriage bans were announced? Or could it be that the man is getting married at the lady’s parish where no one knows him? Then the marriage bans should have been announced at his parish as well. Another possibility is that he is not Catholic and no one in the parish knows him. All the same he is hull of deceit. If the lady knew he was married and still went ahead, she is also guilty and has brought shame to herself and her family.