Wife divorces hubby for demanding sex during her menstrual, strange positions

A house wife of Lusaka’s George township has begged the Matero Local Court to dissolve her 19-year marriage because she cannot endure unfamiliar sex positions due to age, according to the Zambia Daily Mail.
Jacqueline Kalenga, 42, a trader at Matero market also complained before senior court magistrates Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa that her husband George Nyekesha, 46, has an unusually strong sexual appetite, which she can no longer contain.
“Nyekesha does not care about my feelings at all. He just wants to satisfy himself by engaging in sexual relations,” Kalenga said.
Kalenga told the court that she got married to Nyekesha, a packaging officer at Amanita Zambia Limited in 1996 and that bride price was paid. The couple have five children together. They have been on separation for three months.
“Once while heavily pregnant, Nyekesha forced himself on me because he needed to relieve himself even when he knew I was uncomfortable about it. He wants to make love even when I am on my period. I am fed up, I want divorce so I can be free,” she said.
Kalenga complained that refusal to have sex with Nyekesha results in him not providing for the family. She said he also threatens to leave her and the children and find a younger wife if his sexual needs are not fulfilled.
“But it is difficult to meet his sexual needs because the sexual positions he demands are too difficult for me. I tried reporting the matter to church and we were counselled, but he didn’t change. I am tired of his behaviour and verbal abuse,” she said.
But Nyekesha pleaded with the court to help him reconcile with his wife.
Nyekesha, however, insisted that it was his wife’s duty to provide blissful moments in the bedroom.
Passing judgment, the court granted the couple divorce and ordered Nyekesha to pay Kalenga K15,000 as compensation with an initial instalment of K1,000 followed by K300 monthly instalments effective December monthend.
Nyekesha was also ordered to pay K250 for the three young children who will be in Kalenga’s custody.

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