Luwingu man axes wife’s lover after giving her a ‘brown’ son

A 24 – year – old man  of Chebele village in   Luwingu district  is battling for his life at Luwingu hospital after been axed to the head by the husband of the woman he is accused of having an affair with.

Northern Province Police Deputy Commissioner Lackson Sakala and Luwingu district police station Officer in charge Mwelwa Sampa both confirmed the development to ZANIS in Luwingu today.

Mr Sakala said that Major Kaoma 24, was axed on the head by Chitoshi Bwalya 37, who caught him committing adultery with his wife in the couple’s matrimonial house yesterday morning, barely 10 days after his wife gave birth.

It is also reported that Chitoshi has been in marriage for 9 years and has five (5) children with his wife found committing adultery with another man yesterday.

“They got married in 2003 and everything was going well until sometime last year when Kaoma came into their lives. When he complained about him, his wife, told him (Chitoshi)  that she wanted to have a brown son.”

Reports reaching the local police station revealed that suspicions of the relations became prominent when Docas Bwalya 24, (Chitoshi’s wife) gave birth to brown a child amplifying rumours that Kaoma was the father.

“He tried to advised the young man to distance himself from his wife but he wouldn’t listen. Instead, the more time he spent with her, the more she became hostile and abusive towards Chitoshi but yesterday the husband found the two committing adultery barely 10 days from the time Chitoshi’s wife gave birth,” Mr Sakala added.

Mr Sakala said Chitoshi was at his maize field when Kaoma approached him saying he was going to Mumba village in the same chiefdom, but he was tipped that whilst he is at the maize field, Kaoma quickly rushed to his home.

Kaoma did not know that his tricks were already tipped to Chitoshi who followed him behind at a distance.

When Kaoma entered the house, Chitoshi was waiting listening to their conversation until they decided to have sexual intercourse.

After a while Chitoshi forced open the door and found Kaoma in the act and, without wasting time Chitoshi picked an axe and axed Kaoma on the head and the accused victim was saved by people who gathered around to witness the commotion.

Mr Sakala further said that Chitoshi surrendered himself to police after realizing that he had made case and while there he explained the ordeal to the police officers who later arrested him for assault.

Police have since arrested Chitoshi for assault case contrary to the laws of Zambia and will appear before Luwingu magistrate court soon.

Meanwhile, Docas said she loves both of the men in question.


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