Wildlife police officers not paid for 5 months


Dear editor, last time we gave the government of Edigar Chagwa LUNGU to pay Scouts salaries within 48 hrs failure to which action would be taken. I want the whole nation to know that until today all the scouts across the country have not been paid their dues. This is the fifth month that they have continuously working without salaries. All the safari hunting companies have paid already their 60% animal fees. Now the hunger situation has worsen their living such that they can’t work effectively in their day to day duties. According to their contract agreement and also labour laws that they are to be paid monthly, now is this not the breach of the contracts by the government? Is the President Lungu really reasoning and see the beauty of this tourism sector? How does the President think Scouts would survive? Now close sources to him is coated saying “let them just work even if they are not paid”. Now you can Imagine and then he calls himself walk the talk and Christian President, who can accepting this nonsense? And his uselessness minister ever appointed and seen before since independence all she best knows is caderism and Sterling public funds. Therefore I am calling up on all Scouts across the country to stop working Immediately after 24hrs from now not until you are paid for whole five months arrears and don’t accepting half payment. Secondly for permanently solution to this, am asking all the communities across the country living in the GMAs to vote out this by mistake President LUNGU come 11th August 2016. With held my name.

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