Will God answer our prayers?

It is simple
” Seek ye the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”…. “Faith without action is dead….”
….Ba tata.

I don’t know about you but I believe this country has the perfect manual and guide lines (Bible) to turn this country’s economic
hardships around.

“My people perish due to lack of knowledge….” That is the biggest problem in our country. We expect manner to fall

from heaven, we expect donor communities to feed us. We behave like parasites. I am sorry to say that mwempalume but we are creators of
our own being, moder of our own destiny and Demons of our own creation.

“Circumstance does not make a person it reviews him to himself….”…Ba chilolo.

This country is falling apart because of greedy, corruption,
negligence, incompetence, lack of a positive vision and poor planning
to mention just but a few…
…Landenipo mwebuteko,,,

After the national prayers what’s next??
If After two months and thing become worse, will we blame God?

Do we expect the kwacha to appreciate just like that?
Do we expect the led off miners to be reinstated?
Do we expect the fertilizer prices to be reduced?
Do we expect the loadshedding to stop immediately?
Do we expect the bread and mealie meal prices to be reduced?
…..tontonkanyeni mwebena Zambia.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a born again Christian filled with the holy
spirit and justified by faith. The Israelites turned to God in their
our of need, prayed sincerely in faith and in truth and God answered
there prays, but…

It was all up to them to be the change that they needed. God could
turn around their circumstances only when they changed their ways.
Only when their leaders who represented their nation could humble
themselves before God and repent did the almighty God bring salvation
to the people.

If corruption remains the same among our leaders,
If the people continue being jailed for speaking out against injustice,
If our leaders continue threatening the media,
If plight of the people are ignored,
If the orphans, street kids and widows’ cry day and night to their God
continues?…. “for he will answer their prayers…”

Do we expect God to heal our land?????xxx
…Njebeniko bamayo naba tata.

What do we want?
What are we expecting?

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against
principalities, against the forces of darkness in the HIGH places.

…I’ll speak no more mwebekala chalo. I am just but a patriot, I love
my country.

@Ernest C Sinyinza

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