Will Lungu lose the 2016 elections?


By Antonio Mwanza

Nancy Pelosi once remarked that, it is not the dumb politicians who are a problem, it is the dumb voters who keep electing such politicians, who are a problem. It is said that the leaders we have are a reflection of who we are as a people. President Edgar Lungu is the embodiment of the majority Zambian voters. Atleast those who elected him.
There are largely two major variables that will determine the 2016 election outcome:

1. The state of our economy and the socio-political enviroment and

2. The type of people who are contesting against President Lungu.
The most important person in any election is the voter. It is the voter who actually chooses who wins or loses an election. Thus President Edgar Lungu’s electoral victory in the forthcoming general elections will largely be decided by the voters. IF the majority of the voters are content with the mediocrity, the lack of direction; if the majority voters are okey with the rising poverty levels, if they are okey with the high youth unemployment and loss of jobs; if they are happy with the high cost of living, the crippling loadsheding and escalating food prices; if they are happy with the high inflation rates, a depreciating Kwacha and rising national debt; yes if they are happy with the failing health care system, a broken education system, a shambling agriculture sector and yes the rising political violence and a general break down of the rule of law then BINGO, His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu is headed for victory. But if the opposite is true then President Lungu is headed for Chawama.
The second variable that will determine the fate of Mr Lungu is the people he is running against. If the majority of the voters think that Lungu’s contenders are no different from him. If the majority voters have the wrong notion that aLL politicians are the same: they all lie, they tolerate corruption, they often abuse their power and they are driven by the vain desire to amass wealth at the expense of the poor; if most voters see Lungu’s competitors as a bunch of charlatans, waxing in tribalism,corruption and all manner of political chicanery; if Lungu’s competitors are not charismatic enough to eloquently articulate their vision and dissect Lungu’s failures in a more convicting manner then His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu will retain power in the August, 2016 elections.
The die is cast and it’s up to each one of those standing to do their part to convince voters that they have a better vision for Zambia and that they Infact do possess the necessary requisites and attributes to turn this country around. Good luck to them all and all the best to President Nawakwi.
May God bless Zambia.

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