Will Lungu shut the Bible?

It is now clear to many Zambians that something is terribly wrong in this country. Anyone or anything that seems to seek the truth is shut down.
We are aware that the first attempt by Lungu’s mercenaries headed by Kaizer Zulu was to completely shut down this site using a Saudi Arabian who chewed huge sums of money for free that was paid to him under the Office of the President Account. He left.
Then came assassination plans on opposition political leaders but after being exposed by this site, they failed. The plan had to shift to print media. Again Lungu using Kaizer went for the Post Newspapers and slapped them with a huge disputable bill by the Zambia Revenue Authority.
The Post went to the Revenues Appeals Tribunal which ruled that the figures be reconciled and ZRA Management constituted a team to reconcile figures with Post external auditors KPMG, an internationally acclaimed firm.
What did Kaizer do? He instructed ZRA Commissioner General Berlin Msiska to choose between his job and the court order. Berlin being unprincipled chose his job. Today the Post Newspapers is printing copies under difficult conditions.
Even if it prints, the copies are confiscated by PF cadres led by Kennedy Kamba the Lusaka Province PF youth chairperson. Vendors who most often are dressed in the PF regalia are clobbered.
Now the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has closed Muvi Television, Itezhi Tezhi Radio and Komboni Radio. Muvi Television is the country’s largest private television station.
Little wonder the IBA Board Chairperson General Mutale is the husband to Dr Leah Nawa Mutale, the Chairperson for that blasphemous group called Christians for Lungu and not Christ.
This is the group financed by Lungu through his girlfriend Petita Mwanza. The IBA in its statement says the board met in the morning and in the afternoon decided to suspend the broadcasting licenses.
What time did they analyse the evidence? It is important to note that the Bible teaches us to seek the truth. Why close independent broadcasting stations a day before a Presidential petition starts? Since the Bible tells us to seek the truth, will Lungu now Shut the Bible?

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