Will MMD be evicted from Mufumbwe?

The death of MP Misheck Bonshe means that there will soon be a bye-election in Mufumbwe district.
The voting pattern in that rural constituency in Northwestern province shows that the people of that area have had love for the governing MMD.
Since the defeat of Kenneth Kaunda’s one party State, the MMD has only lost that seat once in 1996.
As late as 2009, the MMD could still win a bye-election albeit at local government level in Mufumbwe. The last local government bye-election inn Mufumbwe last year was at Kikonge.
MMD candidate Moses Maginsha poured in 382 votes beating his rival from the UPND/PF pact who only managed to get 144 votes.
At Parliamentary level, history shows that the opposition have always struggled to beat the MMD in that area but mostly failed.
Even in the semi-revolutionary polls of 2001 which most people believe that the MMD rigged, the ruling party managed to beat the UPND in that area hands down.
In that emotional year, Mushala Bert of MMD got 4179 votes , while UPND’s Chipolongo Patrick got 3203, Muzungu Mulondwe of UNIP 2202.
But before that, in the 1991 elections, when there were only two parties in the country, MMD humiliated UNIP’s Muzungu Mulondwe who polled 1,943. The MMD had featured Ngalande Matiya who garnered 2,537for them.
In 1996, Bert Mushala, the son of rebel leader Adamson Mushala, decided to stand as an independent candidate. He beat the MMD by getting 2,874. MMD’s Oliver Shimika lost with 1891.
And most recently in 2006, the MMD reclaimed the seat through Bonshe Misheck with 6457. An independent candidate, Kamonde Elliot 6393 came second beating UPND’s Bert Mushala who got 1519.
It is interesting that the same people have just been changing parties on which to stand in this constituency.
But now with a bye-election coming, will the MMD maintain its dominance in Mufumbwe?
Will the PF/UPND pact repeat what they did in Kasama and Solwezi?
It’s just a matter of time.

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