Will M’membe manage to install Kabimba or Panji as president?

Will M’membe manage to install Kabimba or Panji as president?

Things are moving very fast and so far according to Fred M’membe’s plans. At the heart of the matter is the imminent presidential by-election.

In case you are behind, let us update you. President Michael Sata is almost a cabbage now and it is just a matter of time – a short time, before he completely goes out of the picture.

Fred M’membe, the main schemer in this project, knows that he doesn’t have time. You may not believe it but M’membe controls Sata. What M’membe tells Sata, that is what Sata will do. How that came to be is not relevant to the current discourse.

But M’membe knows that time is not on his side. His fear is that another person with the stamina of Rupiah Banda or Fredrick Chiluba may take over as president and put an end to his nonsense. He fears that his contracts and shoddy dealings with government will be reviewed and possible charges of corruption brought against him. He fears that the next president will demand repayment of the billions he owes DBZ, ZRA, and others.

He wants another cabbage or stooge that he can control.

So, he has to eliminate all potential presidents. Within PF, Given Lubinda have been bruised and silenced after being trapped and and forced to admit treacherous charges which will stick for the rest of his political career unchallenged.

Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) who equally has ambitions is currently being cowed into silence. Even worse, GBM doesn’t even have the brains to plan things systematically other than relying on financial muscle, where all his current dirty government business dealings are being recorded by Mmembe awaiting to be unleashed anytime he becomes funny.

With things almost sorted inside PF, it leaves the schemer Mmembe with only two people that give him sleepless nights: Rupiah Band and Hakainde Hichilema. These two have to equally be sorted while Sata is still hanging on- and sorted out quickly.

It is feared that Hakainde Hichilema and Nevers Mumba may agree to deputise Banda as president should a presidential by-election come, and with the information in our possession the possibility of an early election may even come faster than expected. Rupiah Banda only served three years as president and is therefore eligible to stand again. And that is what will send Rupiah Banda to prison. That is why his immunity was stripped at gun-point. It is to block this move.

With Rupiah out of the equation through corruption allegations and charges, coupled with media trials, judgements, and sentences, Mmembe remains with UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema.

It is very likely that Hichilema will also be imprisoned on whatever charges Mmembe will dream on especially that the daily diatribes against him in the Post are not achieving the desired result. For now charges of tribalism against Hichilema will intensify even when Mmembe knows that Sata has so far documented high levels of tribalism in government yet it is not a factor to him but others.

So far several high ranking officials are joining Mr. Hichilema from various tribes and the propaganda, though intense seems not yielding the desired results. In fact, his free tribe adverts and propaganda in the Post that openly declared that they will never give him coverage are working for Hichilema. The only people who believe the imaginery tribalism charges are those gullible ones who would still believe Mmembe’s crap even without the Post saying so.

But M’membe is not dull. He knows that as an individual, he is not electable under the sun. So he can never put his name as presidential candidate. He has to achieve his purpose through someone else. He did that through Levy Mwanwasa and he is doing that with Sata.

Those of you who think that skeleton you are shown on TV sometimes is Michael Sata the man of action, you are wrong. The Sata we know does not exist anymore. The Sata we know cannot be controlled by another man. But we don’t have Sata anymore. There is just a moving coffin which M’membe uses to run the country, for now as he schemes and shuffles his cards.

For now, Wynter Kabimba and to some extent, Panji Kaunda seems to be M’membe’s gamble. Why these two? That is how M’membe works. He picks on the weakest characters. As is already known, both Kabimba and Panji are unelected members of the PF government.

And M’membe knows that these two cannot win any fair elections. So they will have to depend on him to move the government machinery to rig for whoever is picked. Remember the rigging machinery is already in place. As long as elections in Zambia will be under the control of the PF government, the opposition will never win elections. You can argue, go to court or campaign day and night, but you will never. The opposition will only win elections when the issue of managing elections is addressed properly.

For now Sata cannot appoint Kabimba or Panji as president. There is nothing about abdication in the Zambian constitution. So there are two possibilities: the first one is to force Sata to appoint Kabimba as vice-president. This is a distinct possibility. So far, Kabimba has been exposed to the international community as a powerful figure in the PF government. He is the one representing Sata in important functions such as AU summit, meeting communists etc…

Guy Scott is only sent to assignments which are not so crucial. It was Kabimba who stood in the shoes of Sata to call the removal of Rupiah Banda’s immunity. Yet we all know that since Sata can hardly walk, it should have been the vice-president. If the vice-president was equally incapacitated or out, it should have been one of the three top ministers in terms of hierarchy. These are defence minister, Home Affairs and Finance minister in that order.  But it had to be the heir apparent. And it is only Kabimba who is always being projected to speak for government each time he appears on primetime TV so far anytime he wants to feature. This is especially that Sata himself is now completely locked up in near vegetative state at State House, only appearing for traditional swearing-in ceremonies which are purely aimed at gaining desired numbers in parliament, as dictated by Mmembe.

The second option is to maintain the status quo and in the event of Sata crossing to the next world, let Guy Scott act for 90 days but impose Kabimba as PF candidate. But that is highly risky for Mm’embe. Kabimba is the most hated person within PF. He only has support from Sylvia Masebo and maybe Inonge Wina. He stands no chance against the GBM group.

So, the first option of making Sata appoint Kabimba veep is more viable. That way, he can use force and government machinery.

He can ignore cabinet and rely on crap like Patrick Matibini, Mutembo Nchito and his other cronies to usurp power.

In Nchito, he has an all-weather cadre. After years of observing Mutembo Nchito’s activities, we have come to the conclusion that Mutembo is not very intelligent. He will forever depend on M’membe for survival. Mutembo was luck to find himself in some high profile cases as a lawyer and when name was mentioned.

The only thing Mutembo has in common with M’membe is the vast capacity to hate. That is what draws him to M’membe. That is there common ground.

That is M’membe’s plan. But he forgets there is God’s will in these things. Why he can’t learn a lesson from Sata we do not understand.

For ten years, Sata criss-crossed Zambia telling lies, peddling insults, opposing progressive ideas and defaming people better than he. Finally he got the presidency. But he is not enjoying it because he is sick.  Instead, it’s others who are enjoying the fruits of his labour. That is how God works.

And indeed Zambia might surely need God’s intervention in these schemes because from our interaction with the opposition leaders, they are not seeing these schemes at all. There is no systematic counter planning on the part of the opposition leaders who are so relaxed like elections will be held in 2016, yet M’membe and clique are never sleeping but daily planning for these things, not for the good of the nation, but for their survival.

And one would have expected any serious opposition leaders to be all over the country spreading their messages despite the prohibitive political environment. They are dead asleep only to wake-up and be head during by-elections which are also a trap.

A trap in the sense that there are no induced by-elections in PF strongholds where the opposition parties can also leave foot-prints through campaigns. No body knows Hichilema in Northern, Muchinga and Luapula provinces, but PF is leaving serious foot-prints in North-western, Southern, and Western provinces enough to gain votes beyond the simple majority required to win the presidency.

And if opposition parties think M’membe and his PF can give them blanket permits to address meetings like Rupiah gave Sata and others, then they need serious prayers and deliverance.

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