Will Sata commission every toilet in Chongwe?

Will Sata commission every toilet in Chongwe?

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Sata’s handlers arrive in Chongwe

Dear editor,

Withold my identity as a request.

Kindly allow me space in your publication to air my few views on the planned visit to Palabana area of Chongwe by President Michael Sata.
His mission is to merely officiate at the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the University of Palabana.

What is fascinating or rather sinister is that the president is seemingly having particular interest in projects in Chongwe district thereby raising suspicion about his dealings and/or relationship with chieftainess Mukamambo III and Sylvia Masebo.

Just a week or so ago, he was in Chongwe again to comission Chalimbana University and some road from Chalimbana to Leopards hill road. Our
fear is he will end up commissioning every single toilet constructed in Chongwe.

At the time of writing this post, Palabana residents are intimidated by the heavy presence of security personnel which is unusual in the

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